With over 8 million active readers, VentureBeat has emerged as a leading source for news about technology. Our goal is to help individuals and business leaders to get ahead by explaining the most widely impacting technologies affecting our lives, such as mobile devices to business software.

Located in the heart of San Francisco, VentureBeat seeks to have a strong brand, voice, and point of view. We’re a young, creative, collaborative, and energetic team.

We’re looking to hire world-class people and keep them happy and productive once they’re here.

Tech reporters in S.F. and NYC

VentureBeat has immediate openings for experienced reporters with a track record of getting scoops and providing smart analysis.

We’re looking for two people, one in San Francisco and one in New York, who love covering the business of technology but are not infatuated with it. Reporters with a critical eye, an ability to develop sources, and a knack for breaking news.

For the San Francisco role, we’re seeking someone with experience — or a demonstrable interest in — covering Apple and startups, as well as general tech news.

For the New York City role, we’re seeking an experienced reporter who can cover general tech news including IPOs, machine learning, and venture capital, to name a few.

As a VentureBeat reporter, you’ll help define our daily coverage with breaking news, second day takes, and features. Further, you possess strong writing and analytical skills to help differentiate VentureBeat from the rest of the pack. You’re a journalist who is eager to go out and get the stories that other sites don’t have. These are full-time staff positions.

If you’re as excited as we are, please send a resume, desired compensation, and cover letter containing three links to your best clips to Please put “Tech reporter – SF” or “Tech reporter – NYC” in the subject line.

Strategic Account Director — San Francisco

We are looking for a passionate and consultative sales professional to help sell big, custom campaigns and integrated marketing solutions to leading business and technology brands. The Strategic Account Director will help drive VentureBeat’s online, custom, and events business, already at the epicenter of the startup ecosystem and wider digital-tech revolution, to further heights.

The ideal candidate has at least five years of B2B experience in the technology media marketplace. This strategic sales executive will be an instant value creator with established contacts who will help VentureBeat expand the brand’s presence and business with new and existing strategic partners. This vital talent will be responsible for prospecting, developing, and closing new business, as well as overseeing clients’ integrated marketing and advertising campaigns.

The role is at the heart of our organization: Advertising and sponsorship sales for VentureBeat’s website, events, and custom content marketing solutions ensure our success and continued growth.

The position is located in San Francisco but will require some travel. Please contact our recruitment team for further information.


  • Manage and maintain current client and agency relationships and build new partnerships with prospective clients
  • Strong focus on new business relationships with Tier 1 media buying agencies and leading technology and business brands
  • Observe industry and market trends and develop plans for achieving strategic goals
  • Exceed quarterly and annual targets to drive revenue growth
  • Assist in leading all marketing and RFP brainstorms
  • Track campaign results to leverage and foster further partnerships with clients and to forecast future revenue growth
  • Continually research trending and innovative ad products and bring market-leading solutions into the conversation


  • 5 years’ experience in online media ad sales within respective territory
  • Strong experience in B2B media preferred
  • Existing relationships with Business/Technology and Tier 1 media buying agencies
  • Strong sales skills, including prospecting, forecasting, pitching, presenting, and closing large deals
  • Strong knowledge of current tech industry trends, such as messaging, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, Mobile, Games, and Cloud
  • Working knowledge of content marketing solutions
  • Ability to ideate dynamic, complex, and highly targeted integrated concepts, customized to the specific needs of the brand
  • Contract negotiation experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Account Coordinator — San Francisco

The Account Coordinator will be responsible for supporting the sales team in planning, executing and monitoring the advertising and sponsorship programs of VentureBeat’s customer base across all digital, events and research products. This individual will work with a designated Sales team to ensure flawless campaign planning and execution as well as provide optimal client service support for assigned Advertisers and Agencies. This includes: preparing sales proposals and client presentations, collecting and presenting research information, providing the clients with information concerning rates, advertising creative deadlines, technical specifications, and inventory availability, and tracking impression delivery. Additionally, the Account Coordinator will work closely with clients to maximize effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Prepare sales proposals.
  • Work with sales team and other departments to assist in the creation of client proposals, presentations, and media plans.
  • Verify inventory availability throughout the sales process
  • Create internal orders and insertion orders and adhere to defined business processes  
  • Communicate ad specifications and creative lead times to advertisers/agencies.
  • Collect creative from client, verify specifications and follow defined creative/Traffic process.
  • Create and traffic accurate campaigns in ad delivery system and implement any necessary creative changes/optimizations.
  • Monitor campaigns and ensure campaign delivery
  • Manage campaign performance and make optimization recommendations.
  • Provide clients/sales with any necessary campaign reporting.
  • Interact with accounting department in regards to client credit and billing requests/issues.
  • Provide Sales administrative/Account related support.


  • The successful candidate must be Sales focused and should have direct experience in the Internet and/or Advertising industries.
  • This individual will possess a BA/BS degree (or equivalent training and experience), and will have at least 1-2 years work experience in a sales or sales support related role.
  • Ideal candidate is extremely detail-oriented, exceptionally organized, has the ability to multitask and manage multiple accounts, possesses strong written and verbal communication skills, solid computer/technical skills, and thrives in a fast-paced, deadline orientated environment.
  • Must successfully pass a background check.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to